Ride and Handling Defined.

We don’t just build motorhomes at Jayco. We engineer
the ultimate driving experience — the JRide — a powerful blend
of precise handling and renowned stability. Hands down, it’s
the best ride. Available on select Jayco motorhomes.

Put a little extra spring
in your drive.

Jayco equips select Class C models with Hellwig helper springs. These springs work with the chassis’ existing springs to give the RV more support, improving sway control under heavy loads. And when your gross vehicle weight rating changes, these Load Pro springs self regulate, making them easier to maintain than an airbag suspension system.

Available on: Melbourne (standard); Greyhawk (optional)

Hellwig is the most recognized name
in helper springs. Few Class C competitors
equip their motorhomes with them.
Fluctuating loads impact alignment, reduce traction and diminish handling.
Hellwig helper springs correct this, compressing under loads to level out your RV.

Take the bounce out of the road.

Select Jayco Class C motorhomes are equipped with a total of 16 rubber isolation pucks, positioned near the tires to absorb road shock. These mounts, not available on competing Class Cs, create an interface between metal components, helping to dampen noise and minimize vibration throughout your Jayco motorhome.

Available on: Melbourne (standard); Greyhawk (optional)

Rubber mounts allow for movement, enabling
suspension parts to move fluidly over bumps.
Creates an interface between metal components,
dampening noise and minimizing vibration.

Now, this is a ride
you can handle.

You won’t find these high-end shock absorbers on any other Class C.
Featuring a unique piston system that reacts to the road, Bilstein shocks
eliminate excessive sway when cornering. On Precept’s Class A Ford F53
chassis, Bilstein shocks are standard equipment for an extraordinary ride.

Available on: Precept (standard); Melbourne (standard); Greyhawk (optional)

The Bilstein piston has a 228% larger surface area than conventional twin-tube pistons, offering greater control for the ultimate in handling.
Bilstein shock absorbers feature a unique monotube
gas-pressure design. Unlike twin-tube designs, Bilstein’s
single tube won’t trap heat, decreasing shock failure.

A Smooth Ride Is
Our Standard.

A standard feature on the Ford F53 chassis, front and rear variable-rate jounce bumpers are positioned under the frame to absorb vibration. These bumpers complement the Bilstein shock absorbers, dual stabilizer bars and standard multi-leaf spring system, completing Precept’s smooth ride.

Available on: Precept (standard Ford F53 feature)

Complement the other components of the JRide package for a superior ride.
Positioned under the frame, jounce bumpers
act as an insulator to absorb vibration.

Setting the Bar In Handling.

Unlike other Class Cs, Jayco adds a stabilizer bar. Connecting opposite wheels together, a stabilizer bar raises and lowers each side of the unit to similar heights, reducing sideways tilting when cornering. On Precept, we added a second stabilizer bar to the Ford F53 chassis. Other Class As are equipped with just one bar.

Available on: Precept (standard) ; Melbourne (standard); Greyhawk (optional)

A stabilizer bar eliminates excessive sway on bumpy roads, raising and lowering each side of the unit to similar heights.
A stabilizer bar keeps the RV flatter in turns by transferring the pressure on the outboard wheel and applying it to the inboard tire, distributing the weight more evenly on all four wheels for a road-hugging ride.